5.5" HighRoller RipRoller
5.5" HighRoller RipRoller
Speckled peacock
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5.5" HighRoller RipRoller
This smaller 2 hook RipRoller is excellent for less experienced/ first time anglers and spinning rod enthusiats.

"Topwater" "Aggressive Prop-bait"
Specifically designed to endure the vicious, topwater attacks of one of the world's most aggressive fish, the ill tempered, lure crunching South American Peacock Bass. With its beefed up hardware this lure is also ideal for massive Muskies, saltwater Stripers and Gator Trout, as well as a variety of offshore gamefish.

The Monster RipRoller is well suited for the next world record bass from Okeechobee, FL, Lake Fork, TX or the deep reservoirs in California. Whether casting and ripping or slow trolling, the 5.5" RipRoller is a serious lure for World Class Fisherman.

Avail colors 8: Black/Orange, Clown, Firetiger, Halloween, Perch, Peacock, Speckled Peacock, Pearl/Chart Head