Original Bass Stalker
Original Bass Stalker
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The Original Bass Stalker Jig can be fished in many different situations.
Our Finesse Model is the original Bass Stalker Jig. For light tackle, inactive fish, and skipping under cover, this bait is the perfect weapon. Our Flippin' Model is a larger size with all the same Bass Stalker features including the Mustad Needle Point premium hook.

All Bass STALKER Jigs have our Hydro-Dynamically designed head which offers a much more natural presentation.

All Bass Stalker Jigs come with our custom rattle band built right into the silicone skirt. This allows you to use these unique rattles. This design allows you to customize the amount of rattle you desire based on the conditions you are fishing.

The action on the Original Bass Stalker jig's fall is two-fold:
1) A dimple on the face of the jig reduces mass without a loss of size.
2)but even better, the concave face traps water like a parachute as it slows the fall rate.

Four sizes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 oz
11 colors