NetBait Finesse Worm 20/pkg
New 2004 Finesse Worm
NetBait Finesse Worm 20/pkg
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The NetBait Finesse Worm was designed with a larger head for fishing with a jighead.
The 4.75" NetBait Finesse worm excels when fished on a jig head, such as the Spotsticker, Carolina rig, or Texas rig.
This bait works extremely well when you need to downsize or when after catching large numbers of fish.

25 Available Colors: bama bug, black, black blue flake, blue black chart flake, chart pepper, chart pumpkin, grasshopper, green pumpkin, green pumpkin candy, green pumpkin chart tip, green pumpkin red, green pumpkin watermelon, junebug, junebug chart tip, key lime pie,  muscadine, pumpkin blue flake, pumpkin chart tip, pumpkin pepper, redbug, rootbeer pepper green, summer craw, watermelon chart tip, watermelon pepper, watermelon red

Price: $2.79 for 20 count pkg

See link below for color chart