NetBait 5" Paca Craw 8/pkg
NetBait 5" Paca Craw 8/pkg
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The NetBait 5" Paca Craw has unbelievable action and is loaded with heavy salt to give it tremendous fish catching appeal. The Paca Craw is a tube that can be fished by buzzing the surface like a buzz bait, by swimming it just under the surface, by flipping it in heavy cover, or by Carolina rigging it for fishing deep water.
I feel this is the most versatile soft-plastic bait on the market, and it cannot be fished wrong.

Available Colors 16:
Alabama Craw, Black neon, Cajun Craw, Delta neon, gold pumpkin, Gr pumpk Blue, gr pumpk candy, junebug, Okeechobee Craw, pearl, redbug, rootbeer pepper green, smoke purple, watermelon craw, watermelon pepper, watermelon red

Price: $3.99 8/pkg