NetBait 4" Salt Lick 10/pkg
New 2004
NetBait 4" Salt Lick 10/pkg
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The NetBait Salt Lick is jammed full of salt and is made from an extremely soft plastic.
These features combine to give it great action on the fall when rigged wacky style or Texas rigged weightless.
I have also found success flipping this bait into heavy cover when other bulkier baits fail to produce.
The Salt Lick has more salt than the competition and at 160 grains wt. the 4" Salt Lick outweighs our closest competitor.
The Salt Lick is made of super-soft plastic which will not break or tear as easily as other baits.

8 Available Colors:
black 5", black blue flake 5", black red shad 4", blue black chartreuse flake 4", chartreuse pepper 4", pumpkin blue flake 4", pumpkin pepper 4", smoke hologram 4"

Price: $3.99 10/pkg

See link below for color chart