Original Lil' Anthony Swimbait
New 2007
Original Lil' Anthony Swimbait
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The Original Lil' Anthony is a soft plastic swimbait that has a patented hollow inner chamber.

The inner chamber can be filled with various hook/weight combinations and fish attractant. The design of the swimbait with durable soft plastic allows the user to switch body colors, hook size, and weight easily, without damaging the fishing lure!

Another feature is the loose tail design enabling the tail to swim realistically in a slow retrieve.
The design is perfected so as not to allow the lure to roll on its side, even at high speed. The Lil' Anthony has a great, realistic swimming motion even at slow speeds.
Great for bass, grouper, jacks, or Tuna fishing "on the slide", as a drop back bait for albacore. Can also be used in freshwater for bass, walleye, musky and more.

Available in 3 colors: light trout, white, golden shiner
$4.20/pkg of one 5.5" bait