Daiichi Bleeding Heart Treble Hooks
Daiichi Bleeding Heart Treble Hooks
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D98Q 7X Treble, Wide Gap, Bleeding Bait Finish
2/0, 3/0, 4/0
$2.99 2/0
$3.29 3/0
$3.79 4/0

Bleeding Bait Hooks:  HOW DO THEY WORK?
Our twenty-three years of trot-line studies, tank tests and underwater studies reveal:
1. Fish are naturally attracted to blood / injury.
2. As fish feed, the gills flare to inhale food, like any muscle, the gills are engorged with blood. It is this "Gill- Flash" that is a feeding signal to other fish, "Time to eat".
3. While red is the first color to disappear underwater, fish can still identify the red color thanks to their unique rods and cones in their eyes. Red may change color in deep water, yet fish recognize it as a trigger. Eyes are only a receptor for what the brain ultimately perceives. If red really disappeared; wouldn't our Navy's subs be red instead of black?
4. Contrast is important. This is why scratched Bleeding Bait Hooks are more effective than new hooks. Those scratches expose a bright metal finish that contrasts with the earth friendly red finish.