5.00" High Roller ChugRoller
Trophy Largemouth
5.00" High Roller ChugRoller
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5.0" Chugroller by High Roller, all wood fishing lure (1 1/10 ounce)

"Topwater". The big brother of the 3.0" ChugRoller, it was designed for trophy hunting largemouth bass.

This custom made surface chugger is characterized by its aggressive echoing chug and splash that calls fish from great distances enticing "bone jarring" strikes.

It is also deadly for Tarpon, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Mackeral, Bluefish, and Stripers just to name a few.
Originally designed to endure the unyielding punishment of the South American Peacock Bass.

Physical attributes: solid wood, 1 1/10 ounce, custom lacquer paint job, brilliant 2 part epoxy coating, stainless steel saltwater ready hardware.VMC hooks.

Available in 7 colors: Black/Orange, Bone, Halloween, Perch, Electric Trout , Redhead , Steel Shad

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