Braid Viper

Braid Viper fishing Lure


Advanced double-jointed jerkbait with extreme action.
Holographic prism finish.
Triple strength treble hooks.
Works great in Freshwater and Saltwater.
Ideal for trophy: Muskie, Pike, Largemouth Bass, Snook, Stripers, Redfish, Calico Bass, Dorado, PeacockBass and more! Braid's new Viper Swimming Plug is a rugged, realistic, hard-bodied bait designed to stand up to repeated strikes from relentless gamefish. Featuring a double-jointed body that delivers "tail-wagging" action, salt water hooks and a clear plastic lip, the Viper swims just below the surface and floats when the retrieve is stopped.

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Braid ViperBraid Viperdouble jointed
Holographic prism finish
Triple strength treble hooks
Freshwater and Saltwater
5" & 7" 6 colors
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