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Letter To Our Customers

Letter To Our Customers

HighRollerWest.com, a division of HookMup World Wide, is determined to bring to the Western USA, quality tackle for all species of Bass, including Peacock, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striper and Spotted Bass.

We support catch and release, water conservation and teaching kids to fish.

We had better support these, as we have 10 grandchildren
and we wish to leave them something fun to do.

Dan and Heidi Stock love innovative and new (or old that is being brought back to life) bass fishing products.

Dan has been fishing for bass for 45 years. He was raised on a lake in Ohio, and his brother Michael and he would fish before school, after school, and sometimes during school in an old wood boat they "found" along the shore.

Dan still has his tackle box from back then, wow, a sight to behold, truly. (I promised him a coffee table with a glass top, with drawers, to show off his treasure trove. It is on my "list", a family joke, LOL.) He has been adding to this box since those days, with donations from his Dad (he doesn't use these, just holds them fondly) and his brother Michael (he hails from Georgia, Lake Lanier area). Dan was "hooked" up with the High Roller Lure guys through his brother, our first official product. You know Florida and Georgia are soooo close. We have been signing on with other products since.

We now live in California, the "Inland Empire" and Dan has fished too many lakes to count. My fondest memory was in a Coleman canoe, we hooked up the trolling motor (you can get a transom for them) and we fished from that. No accidents, no almost accidents. Quiet and peaceful, no phones, no music (only the birds and nature's sounds). Dan's fished the East Cape, Ocean fishes out of the many docks along our coast, has been to Brazil, fishing the Unini with Don Cutter (his trip of a lifetime, yea right, he went back with his brother in January 2005).

Dan is a bugger about the storage of his gear, so you will see many storage and protection products. I love the little "genius" products, the obvious, innovative ideas. This is "our" site after all.

I am Heidi, Dan's wife and web-mistress. We have loved each other for more than 30 years. I have a doll restoration and repair shop in our home.

Great Danes are our preferred dog, we have five "walk-in" cats, 5 children and 10 grandchildren, (maybe I should have started with the children, ah well, forgive!) If we can improve our website before your next visit, please, contact us. We will respond within 48 hours.

E-mail me! We welcome your input.
We value your opinions and advice.
Highrollerwest Division of HookMup Worldwide
26552 Pacific Street
Highland, California 92346-2417

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